I’m on the right track about the secret of living in this material world. As an individual, I am weak. But as a community, we are strong, our sum being greater than its parts.

Alone or not, people who follow other paths are disappointed in the long run, especially those who seek power and resort to violence to make names for themselves.

All I want out of life is the satisfaction of being part of a community that strives to make this world a peaceful place in which to live. That’s the best life anyone can hope for.

Still, I’m surprised when I realize I’m “enjoying the passage of time,” as an old song goes. I often hear that sweet singer as I lie awake at night and think of the good ol’ days.

I’m sure that if I can look at this ever-changing world in a positive light, then I can stay happy, hopeful about my place in it, and satisfied that I won’t lie there in the dark forever.