Arrogant jerks who trick the poor out of their money should get caught in those same schemes. These greedy devils care only about getting rich and then showing off that wealth. They don’t care about the common good; and they don’t believe in a higher power by any name, no matter what they say.

Prideful people like this certainly don’t care about a concept like the iSoul – a wholly universal spirit – because nothing greater than them exists in their minds. All they value is money. That’s their God. On the surface, they appear successful, and they scoff at anyone who stands up to them.

These bullies don’t consider anyone else’s well-being; and they can’t imagine ever getting what they themselves truly deserve. They curse and lie and say hurtful things to folks who can’t defend themselves. Much of what these shameless rogues say is divisive and obscene on one level or another.

These beasts prey on innocent, helpless people, pouncing on them like actual predators. As so-called “fishers of men,” they reel the poor in like fish caught in a net, then crush them on the boat deck and sweep their broken bodies overboard as waste – hook, line and sinker. Do they get away with it?

I hope that all good people rise up as one someday and make the oppressors of the world pay for the bad things they do. Truth and goodness should always win out over lies and evil. The poor and the helpless should know the comfort of justice served, not the terror of continued victimization.