Weekend Update: Sunday, May 20, 2017


Timberley before her appointment last week in Charlotte
Timberley before our appointment last week in Charlotte

What you’re about to read certainly wasn’t what Timberley and I had envisioned for this column last September when I started writing it. We wanted it to be about the ordinary lives of two recent retirees from public education—our own attempt at “half-fast living” after years of watching our working lives fly by largely out of our control.

That was our intent. Instead, there is nothing half-fast about what’s been happening to us for the past eight weeks. For the foreseeable future, this space will be used hopefully—and I use that adverb there deliberately—to keep our friends and extended family members as informed as they wish to be about a serious situation involving Timberley’s health.

Here’s a short version of the situation:

In late March, as I’ve mentioned in a previous column, Timberley found that she had a large kidney stone in her bladder. A local urologist performed out-patient surgery to remove the stone and at the same time took tissue samples to see why it had been there. That’s how we learned that the tissue contained cancer cells and that her bladder would have to be removed.

Last week we met with a surgeon at the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, as we prepare for her expected surgery next month. There are more appointments to be met and important decisions to be made before the surgery, which we hope will remove the cancer and allow Timberley to resume her life as normally as possible. We are dedicated to her treatment and recovery.

Right now, you’d never know that anything is amiss just by outward appearances or even by the way Timberley has felt since the stone was removed. More than anything, we’re thankful that our urologist took the time to look for the stone’s cause—another physician might not have—and that he found the cancer at such an early stage. We look forward to excellent treatment and care at Levine.

So why make all this public? And why now? Because we’re scared, and we don’t feel that keeping all of this secret helps anyone. We want and need the positive thoughts and ardent prayers of our families and friends, of our church, of our former colleagues and students, and of other groups of people with whom we have been associated over the years. We know from experience that we need help.

At the same time, we realize that everyone expresses their concern differently whether they announce it publicly or not. And that’s where this column comes in, however often I’m able to post it over the weeks and months to come. I probably won’t tell many jokes or try to entertain you. And it may be nothing but a quick statement of facts. But if you care about Timberley, it’ll let you know what’s going on.

Thanks for reading this column.

21 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Sunday, May 20, 2017”

  1. Thank you for the update. You both are certainly in my prayers. I know she’s a Fighter!

  2. Prayers will be going up from here in Sunset Beach for Timberly and you . I know that Timberly will take these sour lemons she has been handed and turn them into delicious lemonade. Her bright and cheerful attitude has made her such an inspiration to so many over the years and I am sure it will get her through these obstacles as well .

  3. Prayers for you both during this long journey! Prayers for the surgeons performing the surgery and for Timberley’s recovery. Please keep me informed . I just hate this, but grateful that her doctor decided to delve a little further and discover this in its early stages! God bless you both!

  4. I think doing this is awesome and courageous. One never knows in what capacity this may help someone else. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way

  5. Understand both the fear and the absolute necessity of prayer and other forms of support…heading down a road to a not entirely certain destination,with no familiar markers to guide the way except your faith and that of others. Thankfully God has you safely in his arms throughout the journey you are on. Love you. Love Timberly.

  6. Thank you for keeping us updated! I am praying for you both and know that God has you both in his arms and will wrap His love around you!

  7. Rahn and Timberly, although we have only known you guys for a short time, we want you both to know that you arevin our thoughts and prayers everyday. Thank you for letting us know this situation. If you guys need us for anything, just let us know. As I said, you both are in our thoughts and prayers always, my friends. God bless you both.

    Joe Leatherman (Eagle Joe)

  8. I’m so thankful you are posting this because I have so many questions but didn’t want to post them on the comment section.
    First of all I’m just not dealing with this very well. Don’t know why I just can’t stop crying. I’ve let so much time go by without staying in contact.
    How do I get back on this? I do a lot of messages under my contact list.
    I live in Harrison now and am only about 25-30 min to Branson.
    Maybe this summer or fall you guys might be up to a small trip over here.
    I have to go for now. I love you guys even though I’m haven’t been to great at showing it.
    Love Lavonne

  9. Rahn, you know that you and Timberley are two of my favorite people. I have had both of you in my prayers since Timberley told us about her condition. I will pray for you every step of the way. Please keep us posted.

  10. Hey Rahn and Timberly, keeping you two in our thoughts. Thanks for writing and making updates for all of us who care about you guys and worry about our own times in the future when we might be scared too. Keep courage, always love, Shelton

  11. Our thoughts are with both of you. I too, needed help when I went on this same journey, and continue to do so. For God is so good to each is us in different ways, and he will walk with this us on this journey as he sees fit. Love you both.

  12. Hi Rahn and Timberley you are both in my prayers. I know you get through this your faith is strong and God will be with you every step of the way. Love you both much Tiny

  13. My prayers are with you both. Please remember that I am right down the street if you need anything when you are in Morganton.
    Deborah McCurry

  14. Thank you for doing this! It helps to know what is going on and prayers can be specific! She is such a lovely person and you both will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

  15. You two are both very brave. This alone is an inspiration for others in scary uncertain times. Maybe Rahn can write a song for healing. Praying for you both!

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